Photos of what we are up to at our New Jersey Craft Distillery

Sampling our handmade Whiskey out of the barrel
Letting our Rum wash begin it's fermetation

images/Jersey Spirits Cows.jpg
The cows that our spent mash feeds in Sussex County NJ
images/Jersey Spirits Crossroads Bourbon.jpg
Bottling Crossroads Bourbon Whiskey! First commercially produced and available Bourbon to be made in New Jersey since before the days of prohibition.
Another batch going into barrels
images/Jersey Spirits Distilling Flights.jpg
Our very own custom designed and made whiskey flights
images/Jersey Spirits Distilling Single Malt Whiskey.jpg
Mashing Single Malt Whiskey to be released in 2017
images/Jersey Spirits Pumpkin Hooch.jpg
Freshly made Jersey Hooch Pumpkin Pie coming off the bottle line
images/Jersey Distillery mini.jpg
New Jersey's own Crossroads Bourbon Whiskey
images/Barrel Share Flights.jpg
Whiskey flights for barrel shareholders made from the very barrel their spirits aged within
images/Bravo TV Reality Show.jpg
Jersey Spirits Distilling Company was featured in the Pilot episode of The First Family of Hip Hop on Bravo TV
images/Jersey Spirits Hooch.png
Our Jersey Hooch apple pie coming off bottling line and awaiting labels

Jersey Spirits Distilling Company Videos