New Jersey Bourbon?


Can Bourbon come from New Jersey?

So the good folks from Kentucky would like you to think Bourbon can only come from their State. This is completely false. Federal law has always allowed Bourbon to be made anywhere in the United States of America. In fact there are many Kentucky based brands that source their spirits from other states like indiana. It is true that Kentucky Straight Bourbon must be made in Kentucky but Bourbon and Straight Bourbon can be produced in any of the 50 States.

There are now a number of Whiskey producers in New Jersey and we were one of the very first ones to create, distill and market a Whiskey with the help of the modern NJ Craft Laws. Our Crossroads Bourbon Whiskey is the very first Bourbon to be commercially produced since before Prohibition. Our Patriot's Trail Bourbon was actually the second brand produced in this fine State and is a Silver Medal winner in the San Francisco World Spirit's Competition. Patriot's Trail also was named the best Whiskey in New Jersey by

The laws we must follow to produce and legally call a spirit Bourbon include:

Must be made in the United States
The mash has to be all grain
51% or more of the mash is to be corn
It is to be distilled between 120 and 160 proof
Ages in new charred American oak barrels below 125 proof
No additives are allowed
Bottling must be at 80 proof or above

So as you can see, Bourbon can be produced within any State. We are a full Grain-to-Glass productuion facility and we never source a drop of Spirits from other manufacturers. We mash, ferment, distill, age, bottle and package all of our products locally right in Fairfield, NJ!