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about us - Who is Jersey Spirits Distilling Company?

We are a hyper-local small batch distillery that creates ultra premium spirits right in Fairfield, NJ. We are a TRUE Craft Distillery, if you will. Every batch we produce is handcrafted and we take pride in the quality, uniqueness and consistency. Only after we visited and worked with dozens of distilleries (from farm distilleries to commercial distilleries), and developed our own processes and recipes, did we focus on opening our doors. Our mission is to develop quality spirits that are smooth and of interesting character for that category of the spirit. We produce quite a range of products (the most in NJ) and we are doing all phases including mashing, fermenting, distilling, aging, blending and bottling under our single roof in Fairfield, NJ. We are produce so many different types of spirits because we like and appreciate quite a few things and also we like the challenge! We do like our libations neat, but we also enjoy cocktails of all types and we want to share those experiences with you. You will find that we are different, but that is what Craft is all about. We are not trying to be a commercial distiller but we are trying to be your trusted and local supplier of quality alcohol spirits and unique experiences at a Jersey Distillery.

John, Sue and Betty are the co-founders of Jersey Spirits Distilling Co. You will find us in the Tasting Room, as well as the Distillery and out at farmers markets doing our best to bring you a great and memorable visit. We offer Tours, Tastings, Craft Cocktails and Bottle Sales in our Tasting Room. By law we cannot sell food but you may bring your own food or order in from a local establishment. Keep in mind that we are a manufacturer and are located in a manufacturer's complex which is very easy to find. There is signage located at each entrance to direct you in toward our facility.

Jersey Spirits Distilling Company was founded in 2013 and established in February, 2014. The building we are located in was discovered by Sue and John later in 2014 and Jersey Spirits took occupancy in February of 2015. Our Federal license and State licenses were finalized in June, 2015. We began distilling immediately and opened our doors officially in August, 2015. Currently we just finished adding to our distillation capabilty and boast just under 400 gallons of distillation vessels and power. In the next couple of months we should complete our fermentation expansion to 2000 gallons which will allow us to meet our current production goals. We may appear small but we produce the most expansive line of spirits in the state of New Jersey. Our stills run between 5 and 6 days per week and our production processes have never ceased since we opened our doors in 2015. We are family owned and operated with 2 generations of distillers at the helm! John's daughter, Noël  has elevated to lead distiller and runs the day to day team while John concentrates on developing new products and refinning our processes. 

As our name implies, we are uniquely and proudly New Jersey. John and Betty are lifelong Jersey residents and Sue has lived in New Jersey all her adult life. Our spirits are named after New Jersey places and experiences the co-founders have had in this great state We feel a deep respect for New Jersey and it's storied landmarks and we wish to preserve and honor them by integrating them within our products. We even enlisted local New Jersey native artist Brett Strothers to create our vision for each and every label for our spirits. These traditions and homage will continue with every new spirit we introduce.

Jersey Spirits Distilling Co. is the place you can visit and learn all about small batch craft distilling. Taste our products neat or in a favorite cocktail. Tour our facilities with many options that will give you a quick overview of the distillery all the way to a comprehensive experience of the full manufacturing process. We also offer classes on infusions and cocktail craft. Ask us about our barrel share programs and unique gift ideas.

See you soon!