What is Jersey Hooch?


What exactly is Jersey Hooch?

What is Jersey Hooch? We get this question quite often and we love it! We were never really a big fan of the work Moonshine. That word really does not signify an alcohol spirit. It means to make, sell, transport or distribute any form of distilled spirits without a license. We have a license and we work very hard for it and respect being able to do what we do...LEGALLY! It is because of this philosophy that we looked for a different work and settled upon Hooch. It is not that we are prudes or anything because even the word hooch with it's slang origins, and actually means liquor, was somewhat illicit itself. We like that we could team it up with Jersey and viola you have something unique. We also love that people ask what it is because that gives us a chance to tell them a great story and let them know about a great product. You will be a fan of our Jersey Hooch and once you get a taste, you will be hooked!

So Jersey Hooch became a brand that we could make really fun and hip. We make each of our Jersey Hooch flavors seasonally. We use fresh produce and fruit and source as much as possible from New Jersey. It is a low alcohol by volume spirit, around 20% and it does contain a little cane sugar or other sweetener such as honey or maple syrup to balance things. We have a lot of fun with these and know you will too. We use a cold press juicing partner to help us prepare the fresh fruits and produce. and only use our #neversourced small batch spirits as the alcohol. These products may seem cloudy and have some sediment and that is nothing to worry about. In fact, that is particles of the fruits and produce that survive the juicing and make up some flavor so we don't want to filter them all out. You may experience settling too so just shake it up and you are good to go! We suggest refrigeration after opening and consuming within 6 months after opening for optimal flavor. Keep in a cool out of the sunlight before and after opening. We are adding new flavors all the time so check with us to see if there is anything new. Remember these are seasonal and small batch so they are not available all the time.

You will notice that there is an illustration of a campsite on the label. That is a real place on the Wading River deep in the Pine Barrens. We go camping and canoeing there every year with a hundred or so close friends and that is kind of the birthplace of Jersey Hooch. We have to be careful how much we disclose because that's the illicit nature of Hooch - can't say we obeyed every law along the way. We do recommend refrigeration after opening to preserve all of the flavors and prevent oxidation. Open bottles should last 6+ months if properly stored and sealed.

Current Seasonal Flavors

Apple Pie
Pumpkin Pie
Holiday Nip
Cherry Smash
Bug Juice
Wedding Day
Summer Tea
Beach Tea
PB&J Sandwich

We are always working on some new seasonal flavors to add to our vast line up. Call us crazy but we have a Craft Distilling license and we are NOT afraid to use it! We just released our newest Jersey Hooch - PB&J Sandwich. Yes, that's right, Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich! We worked on this one with Sergio of Melovino Meadery. Pretty cool stuff. We are a full Grain-to-Glass production facility and we never source a drop of Spirits from other manufacturers. We mash, ferment, distill, age, bottle and package all of our products locally right in Fairfield, NJ!