About Us -how we create flavor

Jersey Distillery

Jersey Spirits is all about Flavor

Flavor development is what we do. Yes we make spirits but we are a craft brand! We are not trying to make the same thing everyone else does or buy the same thing from the handful of producers everyone else does and then package it and slap our name on it. That is not us and is not why we got into this type of business. We develop flavors and experiment on a daily basis to create new and innovative spirits. That is why we have such a large range of different products that we make. We also like all types of alcohol and are completely unbiased. We probably know way more about farming than we ever cared to know but that is one of the building blocks of what we do. Our experiences owning and running restaurants has helped us apply that flavor development knowledge and it shows in the product.

We also have developed our own unique processes to extract the proper balance of flavor for our lines of Gin, Hopmanic and our flavored Vodkas. Each and every product we make is studied beforehand so we can pick the right raw materials, develop the proper mashbill and select the right yeast BEFORE we even perform test batches. We then individually tweak the distillation method and process to find the flavor we envisioned and be certain they are smooth in character. Ensuring we get the right flavor, because we already knew what we wanted in the first place, is paramount in the creation of our products. This is also why some of our products have taken up to two or three years to bring to market because we will not release them until we are completely satisfied.