Barrel Share


Jersey Spirits created the very original Barrel Share program. Since 2015 we have been running barrel share events and have produced Bourbon Whiskey, Single Malt Whiskey and Rum barrels for many happy share owners. Our single malt whiskey will age in our very own Bourbon aged barrel for a truley unique experience. Our barrel share program is a great way to own some very special spirits and follow it on it's journey from birth to maturity. These barrel shares will be in a single barrel only available through the sharing program.

Barrel share participants will get a special tasting right off the still as the spirit is born. Every month a barrel share participant can some by and get a special tasting of their barrel as it makes it's way on it's aging process. This is truely a treat that you become part of and come away with a memorable experience of the aging process and development. We throw a private party at the end as spirits are bottled and provided to the participants. These are special bottlings and labeling that are of course very limited editions. These special bottles have a very unique spirit since they are single barrel editions. Time frame for this varies since each barrel is very different.

Single Barrel Share Participation of Spirit Choice
Special Invitation to Spirits Run of Product for Tasting
Monthly Tasting
Bottling Party
Special Edition Labeling Labeling
Five or Six (depending on product) 750ml Bottles to take home
Commemorative Barrel Artifact Constructed into a Unique Piece
Barrel Head with your Name Included on Display in our Tasting Room

Contact us if you are interest in participating in our Barrel Share program. Currently we are only doing private bookings but will announce any shares available on our Social Media platforms.